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Product Overview: Combat the Fat is a weight loss and exercise program that claims to produce excellent results with its military style techniques and strategies. 

In this 12 week weight loss program, users are  instructed to work out no more than three times a week, and are still able to get rid of fat quickly.  By utilizing the program's 5 simple and easy to understand magical weight loss rules, users can achieve measurable results in as little as 2-4 weeks.

One component of Combat the Fat is the workout log, which consists of exercises to be performed on the training days and also defines the time intervals to perform the exercises.

The Diet & Nutrition guide that also comes with this program helps its users to learn about how to eat in strategic intervals to maximize fat loss. The guide primarily uses military weight loss rules and techniques to ridding the body of excess fat.

The most prominent benefit of the Combat the Fat program is that it doesn't restrict its users from eating their favorite foods, nor does it require them to do more exercise than is necessary to achieve noticeable results. 

Combat the Fat Consumer Feedback

“This is a great weightloss program and I would highly recommend to all."

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“I believe I was successful and I hope my pictures speak for themselves.”

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“The program does all for you without restricting your diet or forcing you to count calories. Thanks for this great guide.”

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Company Info: Combat the Fat product is offered by CQC International. © 2009 CQC International, LLC All Rights Reserved.

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Product Specifications: Combat the Fat is a program that assists users in losing excess body fat and helps them to achieve a better body with ease.

Price: $39.95

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