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Product Overview: Warp Speed Fat Loss is a comprehensive diet program that reportedly transforms the body by replacing excess fat with lean muscle. 

The plan utilizes effective weight training, cardio, and fat burning exercises along with a muscle replenishing diet plan to produce noticable results within 4 weeks.

Upon downloading the Warp Speed Fat Loss guide, users will discover how to effectively rotate a low calorie, low fat, low starch, low carb, ketogenic, low GI, carb cycling, and  nutrient timing diet to ramp up their weight loss.

In addition to this, the guide also defines exactly how a cardio plan can increase their fat loss by over 100%. The 28-day meal plan provides a list of all the foods that should be eaten to increase the metabolism and help the body to burn fat. 

Included in the program is the Fat Loss Manual, 24 workout secrets, workout sheets, meal plan, an extensive library of exercises, audios, fat loss audio coaching, as well as a 'straight talk about calories' video that  will help users to jump start their fat loss immediately.

Warp Speed Fat Loss Consumer Feedback

“I have finished reading Cosgrove’s fat loss ebook 2 weeks ago and started to see some encouraging results. ”

Portion of actual user review from www.Fitness.com forum

“I have purchased the e-book, I am following the diet to the letter and am quite enjoying it! And yes you can use it to lose 21 pounds. Thanks!”

Portion of actual user review from www.Squidoo.com

“Warp Speed Fat Loss is a sure bet if you have a need to lose those last 10 to 20 lbs, especially if you’ve tried other weight loss programs with no success. ”

Portion of actual user review from www.projectjcvd.blogspot.com

Company Info: Warp Speed Fat Loss is a product of Combined Forces Fitness.

Company Website: www.warpspeedfatloss.com

Product Specifications: The Warp Speed Fat Loss program teaches users how to lose weight in just 28 days using specific weight loss tips and techniques.

Price: $97.00

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